The Roof Coatings Guide To Help You Get The Most Out Of Worn Roofing Materials

26 February 2021
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If you want to extend the life of old roofing materials, then a roof coating may be the right solution. Today, there are a lot of different uses for roof coatings, which can extend the life of the materials and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The following roof coating guide will help with using coatings to extend the life of old, worn materials: Using Coatings for Asphalt Shingles Many homeowners don't realize that the roof coatings can also be used for asphalt shingles. Read More 

5 Reasons Spring Is The Perfect Time For Residential Roof Replacement

3 February 2021
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If you are thinking about replacing your roof this spring, you are not alone. Spring is a great time to consider a residential roof replacement. The weather is drying up, and you can have a new roof in place just in time for the warm weather and the cool of winter to sink back in. These are just a few reasons to consider replacing your home's roof this spring. A New Roof Will Be Energy-Efficient Read More 

Areas On Your Roof Prone To Leaking And The Repairs A Roofing Company Might Need To Do

12 January 2021
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Your asphalt shingle roof could start leaking for a number of reasons. Wind, hail, animals, and sun exposure can wear away at the shingles, flashing, and adhesives until rain is able to leak through. If you see a water stain on your ceiling, that's a sign of a roof leak, and you should call a roofing company right away. Here are some places you may want to start looking for the roof leak and what the roofing company might need to do to repair it. Read More