Five Ways Moss Can Damage Your Roof

15 December 2020
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Moss is harmless when growing on the ground or along a tree trunk, but this innocent green tuft can wreck your roof. In damp climates, moss on the roof may seem unavoidable. Yet, it's vital to keep the roof cleaned off and treated so moss doesn't grow, otherwise your roof may suffer the following damages. 1. Lifted Shingles Most people think of moss as only a surface problem, but it can work its way beneath the shingles. Read More 

Things to Discuss With Your Roofing Contractor for Your House Flip Project

23 November 2020
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House flipping is a popular way of making an extra income in the real estate industry. However, for your property to attract potential buyers, it needs to appeal to them. The roof is one of the major parts that buyers examine. Therefore, installing a new roof makes sense, especially if the old one has structural and functional deficiencies. However, before undertaking this project, here are crucial things to discuss with your roofing contractor. Read More 

Efficient Green Roof Ideas For Residential Projects For Thermal Barriers And More

19 October 2020
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Green roofs are specially designed roofs that have soil and plants on them. They can be a great solution for homes to reduce energy loss. In addition to green roofs, efficient and renewable energy designs can help you get more from the roof you have installed on your home. The following green and energy-efficient roof ideas will make your home more efficient. Residential green roof systems for thermal energy barriers Read More