Efficient Green Roof Ideas For Residential Projects For Thermal Barriers And More

19 October 2020
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Green roofs are specially designed roofs that have soil and plants on them. They can be a great solution for homes to reduce energy loss. In addition to green roofs, efficient and renewable energy designs can help you get more from the roof you have installed on your home. The following green and energy-efficient roof ideas will make your home more efficient.

Residential green roof systems for thermal energy barriers

Green roof systems are becoming a more common solution for commercial buildings. They can also be used for residential construction. These are some options to consider if you want to have a green roof installed on your home.

  • Use a durable, layered membrane for the base
  • Talk to a structural engineer for help with the design
  • Make sure the roof has drainage systems to prevent problems
  • Use light soil mixtures designed for use on rooftops and in building designs

Remember that a green roof is going to require structural improvements and layers of materials. This can be more expensive, but the green roof will last a lifetime.

Underlayment upgrades and premium composite shingles

Rather than creating a green roof with soil and plant life, you may want to use more conventional materials for your home. Today, underlayments and premium roofing like architectural 3D shingles can provide your home with the energy-efficient design you need. Options to consider when installing these roofs include:

  • Considering other improvements like attic insulation that can improve efficiency
  • Using ice dam shingles or underlayments that reduce winter wear and leaks
  • Using lighter-colored shingles that reflect heat for better efficiency in summer

When installing composite roofing on your home, the upgrades to the underlayments and additional improvements can make your roof more energy-efficient.

Synthetic roofing tiles for a better energy design

The roofing you have installed on your home can also be made of synthetic tile. This roofing material is lighter than stone or clay roofing and more durable than asphalt shingles. In addition, modern synthetic tile products are also a more efficient roofing material to have installed on your home. If you want a durable roofing material, synthetic tile may be the right choice for your home. The benefits of synthetic tiles for residential roofing include the following:

  • Environmentally friendly options for residential roofs
  • An affordable asphalt shingle alternative for residential roofing
  • Elegant style choices for a custom home design
  • Durability that outlasts other conventional roofing materials

Consider synthetic tile roofing to give your home a custom look with durable and environmentally friendly materials.

The right green roof design can help reduce energy costs and protect your home with long-lasting materials. Call a residential roofer and talk to them about these solutions for your new roof.