The Home Value-Boosting Trio: Roof, Windows & Siding

16 July 2019
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You have decided with your long-term plan that you will be selling your home within the next few years to move onto another place more suitable for your family. As part of your long-term plan, you intend to make some upgrades to the house so it will fetch a better price when it hits the market. Of course, there are a lot of different ways you can use the money you have available to revamp your home and give it more value.

However, there is a home value-boosting trio that almost always does the trick: a new roof, replacement windows, and new siding. Here is a look at why these three things are valuable in a home listing. 

New Replacement Windows

If the windows in your home for sale are outdated, you automatically lose a hefty amount of prospects. People want efficiency in a home these days more than ever. Therefore, having new replacement windows is a huge deal when it comes to how much buyers appreciate a property. Just make sure that your home window replacement is done with care; you want windows that give you a balance between affordability and modern efficiency. This will allow you to get replacement windows that elevate the value of your home enough that it covers the investment cost. 

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New Roof Installation 

When you are able to notate in a real estate listing that a home has just received a new roof, you are automatically giving your listing clout over the other houses that don't have a new roof. Roofing is one of the most expensive things to have to replace on a house for homeowners. Therefore, if a house on the market has just had a new roof installed, it immediately looks like a home that is not going to require a lot of upkeep costs in the near future. In the eyes of a buyer, this kind of thing can be enough to warrant a higher offer. 

New Home Siding 

Siding is perhaps the most aesthetic of the trio, but it still serves a valuable purpose when it comes to boosting home value. A house with new siding automatically has a more up-to-date appearance, and it will garner a lot of attention in the area because its look has changed. When buyers see that a home has brand new siding, whether it is vinyl, stucco, brick, or board-and-batten, they are seeing a home that is well-kept from the outside, which always makes a good impression.