Hail Damage To Your Roof

29 March 2019
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If you have had a pretty severe hail storm, then the hail may have caused damage to your vehicle, your windows, your home's exterior, and your home's roof. When it comes to your home's roof, you want to know all of the different types of damage that hail can cause, so you know just what it is that you should be looking for when you start to scout out the extent of possible damages to your roof. Here are some of the different damages the hail may have caused to your roof, as well as what you can do to prevent future hail damage.

Hail damage to your gutters

After a hail storm, you want to go around the house and look at the gutters and downspouts for damages. You may find dents in the gutters, but you can also find worse damage such as tears or significant bends. The gutters may have even separated in some areas. If your gutters have screen guards, then there may be significant damage to the screens. Check inside the gutters for roof granules that got knocked off the roof and went into them.

Hail damage to vents and flashing

You want to take a look at the flashing and the vents. You may see that they have damage. The damage can come in the form of dents, cracks, or separations that will need to be fixed right away.

Hail damage to the roof's surface

Metal roofs - If you have a metal roof, then there is a good chance that it suffered some damage if there has been a heavy hail storm. You want to check the roof for dents. You can use a sideways piece of chalk on the surface of the roof for small dings that would otherwise be hard for you to spot.

Shingle roofs – You want to check your shingle roof for damages that were done to any of the shingles. You may find that you have ended up with some shingles that are now missing, that have been damaged, or that are now loose. If you have some shingles that are lifting at the edge, they need to be replaced right away or they will begin to curl and end up causing future issues.

Wood shingles – When hail slams against your wood shingles, it can end up causing a lot of damage. You want to check for shingles that are completely missing. You also want to check for wood shingles that have cracks in them or that are missing part of them. Even wood shingles that have been dented can cause future issues if not repaired.

Tile roofs – When you have a tile roof, you need to check for cracked, chipped, or completely broken tiles. The tiles that have any damage to them will need to be replaced with new ones to maintain the integrity of the roof.

Roof protection

You can have a roof coating applied to your roof, such as a spray polyurethane foam, a silicone roof coating, or an elastomeric roof coating. These coatings can prevent your roof from hail damage when those hail storms come knocking.