Tiger Stripes And Plant Life: 3 Signs That Your Home Gutter System Is Turning Into A Jungle In Need Of Repairs

29 January 2019
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The gutters are one of the easiest features of your home to overlook during your regular maintenance checks. After all, they tend to be out of sight and out of mind since they sit so high up on the roof. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong with the gutter system, and repairing damage is critical for directing water off of your house's roof and away from your home. To prevent serious issues from occurring, keep an eye out for these signs that gutter repair services are needed to tame the jungle that is developing around your home.

Look For Stripes and Discoloration

Gutter systems come in all kinds of different colors and materials from which you can choose to match your home. However, they tend to be solid shades of neutral colors that match or complement the exterior paint. Tiger stripes on the outside of the gutters tend to form when something blocks the water flow and causes it to spill over the sides. These stripes are usually created by a combination of mildew, rotting organic matter and rust from inside of the gutters. While there may just be a clog that needs clearing, this can also indicate a bend in the system somewhere that needs to be repaired.

Observe the Area for Wildlife

You know to be worried about rats on the roof, and pest control issues often arise from a series of events that begin with the gutter system going bad. Once the gutters no longer direct water away from the roof, moisture can build up on the shingles and seep to the underlying materials. These soggy materials make it easy for rodents, raccoons and other forms of wildlife to invade your home. You may also find that birds enjoy nesting in broken gutter systems since they tend to remain dry.

Be Wary of Gutter Gardens

Plant life beautifies most outdoor environments, but the last thing that you want to see is flowers or seedlings sprouting from the gutters. This is because plants can only grow where gutters are starting to build up organic matter, which can indicate a bowed or hanging portion of the gutter. If too much matter builds up or the plant grows too much, it can affect the seal between the gutter links and lead to leaks.

Gutter problems tend to just get worse over time, and these are only a few of the ways that misdirected water begin to affect the appearance of your home and it's landscaping. By making sure to tame the issues as their arise, you can look forward to transforming your house back into the dry oasis that you prefer. Contact a gutter repair service for more help.