Tips For Preparing For Your TPO Repair

23 December 2018
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If you have a single membrane TPO roof on your commercial building, then you should inspect the roof often to see if any damage appears. Holes, scrapes, and tears are common, and as long as the damage is minimal, you can make repairs yourself. You will need to prepare the TPO first, so keep reading to learn about some tips on how you can go about doing this.

Use A Cleaner

You will need to clean the membrane completely to make sure that the primer and adhesive can stick properly to the TPO. This involves the use of a special cleaning product called a TPO seam cleaner or preparation solution. Many commercial roofers will have this product and you may be able to find it at your local home store. Make sure that you are buying a product with a solvent so that dirt, debris, and oils are all removed from the area.

If you want, you can use some of your own household products for the cleaning as well. Both rubbing alcohol and dish detergent can help to remove both dirt and oily substances. Use the rubbing alcohol first with a clean cotton cloth. Apply a generous amount and then rub gently at the TPO to dislodge debris. When you are finished, use a sponge or a scrub brush to apply the soap and to work up grease and oil.

Some professionals also use WD-40 to clear away debris. Just make sure to use a degreasing agent afterward.

Add A Primer Or Texture 

When making TPO membrane repairs, you will use either a patch or a new piece of membrane to cover the damaged area. This depends on the size of the damage and whether or not reinforcement is needed. Before you are able to place the patch or additional membrane, you must prime the section around the repair area. This allows the adhesive to stick and the membrane to create a seal that is impervious to fluid penetration.

In addition to adding the primer, you may also need to texture the surface. Inspect the instruction included with the repair product to see if this is required.

You can use a piece of sandpaper for this or a hard scrub brush. Use light pressure to add the texture until you can see a dull and slightly scratched surface. Add your primer to the treated region, allow it to see according to the instructions, and then press the patch down firmly over the primer. Contact a roofing company, like SUNVEK, for more help.