4 Warning Signs That You Need A New Roof

5 December 2018
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Do you need a new roof? Is worry about it keeping you up at night? Checking on the health of your roof is simple. Here's what you can look for first thing tomorrow morning. 

1. Your Roof is 'Squishy'.

Climb up on your roof and look around. It should feel solid or sturdy under your feet. If you would describe it as squishy, chances are you need a new roof. Shingles are meant to keep water from invading your home. When they start to fail, water can sneak in and start to do damage. The first victim is the plywood sheathing directly beneath your shingles. As it slowly gets wet and rot, it gets squishy. Squishy is not good and means that you need to call a professional out to take a closer look. 

2. You Are Missing Shingles. 

If your roof is solid, take a look around for the next warning sign. Do you see any missing shingles? Shingles are meant to stay put, even in strong winds. In fact, international building codes require that they remain affixed in high winds. If your roof is missing single shingles are has large areas of missing shingles, you may have a problem. Unless you just experienced a hurricane, your shingles should not be missing. 

3. Your Shingles Are Brittle. 

Examine the edges of your shingles by lifting one up in the corner. Although it is a heavy-duty building material, it should feel pliable. If it feels brittle or breaks off at the corner, your roof has reached its age limit. Age shingles age, they grow brittle and stiff, eventually breaking off at the corners. When this starts to occur, they have reached the end of their useful life and are no longer doing their job of protecting your home. 

4. Your Gutters Are Full of Gravel.

As you are climbing up onto your roof to examine it, stop and take a look in your gutter. They should be clean because clean gutters are important to the overall health of your roof and your home. You are looking for gravel in them, however. If you see a gravel-like substance in your gutters, it may be coming from your shingles. When shingles are new, they have a gravel coating to help protect them from the elements. Precipitation, like rain, snow, ice and hail, all beat down on your roof over the years. The gravel protects them so they can protect your home. Once it wears off, however, the shingles are no longer effective. 

Examining your roof for warning signs that it needs to be replaced is an easy task that any homeowner can do in a few minutes. It is nothing to lose sleep over. You can check it first thing in the morning. Get in touch with a residential roofing installation business if you need more help.