Is A Flat Roof A Smooth Move? 6 Reasons To Ditch The Pitch

13 August 2018
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Whether you need a new roof or just want a new look for your home, there are many advantages to choosing a flat roof when looking at residential roofing. From looks to living to economic benefits, flat is where it's at.

1. Flat Roofs Are Unique And Beautiful

Especially if you prefer a clean and modern style, a flat roof is going to look far nicer than a slanted roof. Slanted roofs, too, are everywhere you look, meaning your home will stand out from the rest if it has a flat roof. This can be a valuable feature if you're interested in selling your home or simply want to add a unique aesthetic touch to it.

2. Maintenance Is Much Easier

Think about climbing up a ladder and simply inspecting a steeply-pitched roof: you are precariously perched on a surface you can't balance on and one wrong move could see you tumbling off. If you consider a more complex task, such as cleaning out a clogged chimney or fixing worn out flashing, the dangers multiply considerably.

When your roof is flat, on the other hand, you should be able to safely walk all around, inspecting, repairing, and even upgrading any aspect of it you like. This all makes maintaining your roof a lot easier and a lot less risky.

3. There's A Lot Of Space On A Flat Roof

Perhaps the best advantage of a flat roof is that you can turn it into a useable area. From a rooftop garden, where the summer sun can drench tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers, to a private tanning area or even a family barbecue area, you've suddenly got all this space you can fill with whatever suits your fancy.

If you have children, definitely install a safety fence on your flat roof, but then put a telescope up there, so your kids can inspect the starry nights up close and personal. Looking to wine and dine a new love interest or perhaps woo the love of your life you've been partnered with for years? What better place to do it than on a romantic and quite private rooftop? There's really no limit to the number of uses, so long as you play it safe up there.

4. You Can Easily Make It Cooler (Literally)

If you live in a climate that tends to overheat everything, ask a roofer about installing a flat roof that's a cool roof, too. A cool roof expertly reflects sunlight, rather than absorbing it, leaving the inside of your home much more comfortable as well as possibly lowering your air-conditioning costs. You might also be eligible for a federal tax break if the cool roof components earn the approval of Energy Star. Materials and installation are crucial to the acceptance criteria, so discuss the matter in detail with a roofing contractor before banking on the potential tax credit.

5. Solarizing Is Fast And Affordable

Flat roofs can be equipped with thin solar film, which can be helpful without being as obtrusive and difficult. In fact, you might even install the panels yourself, as they're as easy as peel, stick, and enjoy. Connect to a local power grid or use the energy yourself; however, don't try doing this yourself on a steeply-pitched roof, unless you have incredible balance and coordination.

6. With Proper Upkeep, Flat Roofs Last

Because maintaining them is easy, you should be able to keep up with your flat roof year after year, and that will make it last. With modern advancements, such as rigid foam insulation or waterproof membranes, your roof isn't going to let snow melt through or ice build up in the winter, and with cool coating, the sun won't bake your roof out of existence. Your flat roof should work hard to keep you comfortable, but you shouldn't have to work so hard at taking care of it.

When form follows function, with beautiful results, you know you've made the right choice. Talk to a residential roofer about a flat top for your home and all the benefits you can reap.