A Guide To Underlayment R-Value

3 July 2018
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The best thing about owning your property is enjoying it and having a place to call home. But, you do need to think about it as a financial investment. Smart homeowners will make improvements to their home that make it more valuable. Certain home improvements not only increase the selling value of your property, but also attract buyers so more people are actually looking at it. This is definitely the case with replacing your roof. If you change the material of your roof, you are giving your home such a major facelift that it can almost look like a new property. But, when it comes to choosing a product for your replacement, the material isn't the only thing you should be thinking about. In fact, this article focuses on the important issues with the deck and underlayment that you need to consider because they'll have such an impact on your roof insulation.


When it comes to home insulation, the roof is usually more vulnerable than the walls when it comes to heat loss. That is, it is usually more important to have a well-insulated roof than it is to have well-insulated walls. This is simply because the sun hits the roof for a longer portion of the day. Many people mistakenly think that the roof material is the most important factor when it comes to their insulation. While the roof material is significant, it is actually the underlayment beneath the actual roofing tiles that affects your R-value most significantly.


The R-value is a cumulative rating of how fast heat transfers through a material. So, even if you have an outer tile that doesn't have a higher value, you can make up for it by increasing the insulation of the deck underneath it. There is usually some sort of buffer zone between the roof deck and the outer material. In a mild climate, this could just be a little bit of tar paper. However, in cold climates that need more insulation, this underlayment is usually some sort of foam or fiber material. The R-value of your roof is mostly affected by this underlayment. You could conceivably have combine our value of R50, and most of those "points" could come from the underlayment.

Even if you are just interested in redoing your roof for style reasons, you should be motivated by the fact that your replacement could also decrease monthly utility costs. Contact a company, like Leon Construction, for more help.