3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Metal Roof

16 June 2018
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If the roof on your house is really old and is worn out, you might need to replace it soon. Your roof needs to be in good condition if you expect it to protect your house, and you can hire a roofing company to replace it for you. As you consider doing this, you might be thinking about putting a metal roof on instead of a standard asphalt shingled roof, and here are three things you should consider before choosing a metal roof.

Will Your Neighborhood Allow It? 

The first thing you should find out is if this is even allowed in your neighborhood. If you live in a community that has covenants, you will need to read through these carefully to find out.

If the covenants do not state what types of roofs you can use, you may want to make some phone calls to find out. It would be very unfortunate if you put a metal roof on the house and then discovered that this was not allowed. If this happened, you would have to pay the company to rip the new metal roof off and replace it with a shingled roof, and this would be a very expensive bill to pay.

Would It Look Good?

Metal roofs have a completely different look than shingled roofs, and you should carefully think about whether or not your house would look good with a roof like this. While metal roofs typically look good on most homes, there are times when metal roofs will not be complimentary for a house. You can ask a roofing company for their opinion if you are not sure about this.

What Benefits Would Metal Roofing Offer?

The other thing to consider is the cost difference between a metal roof and a shingled roof. Typically, metal roofs cost more than shingled roofs, but a metal roof will offer some advantages of a shingled roof.

For example, a metal roof is likely to last longer than a shingled roof. Secondly, a metal roof does not have many seams in it, which means it might protect your house more than a shingled roof would.

Finally, metal roofs are more wind-resistant than shingled roofs, which means you will have a decreased risk of experiencing damage if a windstorm strikes your neighborhood.

If you have questions about roofing materials and costs, contact a company that offers residential roofing services in your town.