Safety Precautions You Should Take When Dealing With A Wind Damaged Roof

28 February 2017
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Wind damage is one of the most common problems when storms hit homes. The high wind speeds cause tabs of shingles to lift, be torn, or completely blown off your roof. When you have damage to your roof, you will need to start with repairs and install tarps to stop potential leaks. Here are some of the safety precautions you will want to take when repairing the wind damage on your roof:

1. Stay Clear of Damaged Power Lines and Anything They Are in Contact With

Roofs that have been damaged by high winds often have the additional problem of utilities being damaged near them. If there are any power lines on your roof, contact the utility company to deal with the issue. Make sure you do not get near any lines to avoid electric shock. In addition, it is important that you do not come in contact with things like tree branches that are in contact with the power lines, as they water in tree branches causes them to be conductive and carry electrical currents.

2. Wear Soft-soled Shoes and Avoid Stepping on Loose or Damaged Shingles

Whenever you get on a roof, you want to wear soft-soled shoes and not work boots. The soft-soft shoes will allow you to get a better grip on roofing materials and prevent you from sliding off the roof. In addition, soft-soled shoes will not damage roofing materials like commercial roofing membranes that can easily be torn or punctured. Make sure that you do not step on the loose materials when doing work on your roof, as this can cause you to fall and be injured. 

3. Use A Flat Shovel to Knock Any Loose Roofing Materials Off the Roof

The loose materials on a roof cause a hazard and should be removed using a flat shovel. Any materials that are obviously completely loose are what you want to remove. If the materials only have small damage like tears, but are not loose, leave them in place for the roofer to repair for you. Removing the loose materials will also ensure that they do not fall off the roof and cause injury to someone below.

Wind damage may mean that you need to get on your roof before a roofer comes out to your home to complete repairs. If you get on your roof, make sure you follow basic safety rules. Contact a roofing company such as Kerrigan Roofing & Restoration to help with the repairs to your roof damage.