5 Tips for Maintaining and Repairing Aluminum Siding

28 February 2017
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If you have aluminum siding on your home, you expect it to provide some protection from the elements. As hardy as siding can be, there are some things you need to pay attention to in order to keep it looking good. This guide will help you keep your siding in great shape so that it positively impacts the value of your home.

1. Look at the plants growing against your siding.

In some cases, landscaping could actually be harming your siding rather than adding to your home's curb appeal. Not only do you have to worry about plants rubbing against the siding and scratching it or peeling off your paint, but you may also have mildew growing on the siding due to moisture created by the plants. If you do spot mildew, ensure that you remove it as quickly as possible.

2. Clean your siding regularly.

This applies no matter what kind of siding you have on your house. Thankfully, cleaning the siding is pretty simple. It requires just soap water and a brush and pole to reach the taller areas. Fortunately, you do not need to do this very often, perhaps just a few times a year.

3. Repair siding issues as soon as you spot them.

When you see signs of damage, it is important that you repair them quickly to prevent additional damage from occurring. For instance, if water is to seep into the siding, it could cause the interior of your walls to begin rotting. This also allows bugs to enter the home. Repair issues as soon as you notice them to prevent this from occurring.

4. Direct water away from your siding.

Make sure that rain gutters are directing water well away from siding and your house. Water pooling up around your house causes a number of problems, from encouraging mosquitoes to live in your yard to allowing water to filter into your foundation.

5. Prevent oxidation of aluminum siding.

Aluminum can oxidize, even if it does not rust, leading to dull patches on the metal. When you go to remove or prevent oxidation, make sure that you do not use strong products that may strip away the siding.

If you still have questions about maintaining and repairing your aluminum siding, it is important to talk to a professional. A professional roofing or siding specialist like those at CNY Roofing Co will have the best information as to how to maintain and repair your siding.