Tips For Identifying A Tudor Home – And How To Choose The Best Roofing Material

18 October 2016
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Do you know the architectural style of your home? It's okay if you don't; many homeowners don't have a knack for architecture or fail to see why knowing would matter. But identifying your home's architectural style can help you make informed decisions when undergoing remodeling and restoration projects such as a roof repair or replacement.

The name Tudor is sometimes attached to homes that don't actually have the characteristics of that style. How can you correctly identify a Tudor home and how can that help you work with roofing contractors to choose the best material for your project?

Tudor House Identification

The easiest way to identify a Tudor is to look for timber beams acting as a siding decorative element. Unlike the Stick-Style Victorian, which features similar beams across most of the siding, the Tudor's beams will only be around a bay window and on the uppermost story of the house as an accent. Brick or stone will provide most of the lower siding.

Another feature of the Tudor is the steeply pitched gable roof, which features two sides – one in front of the house and one in back – that slope up to the peak. Larger Tudors might have a cross-gable that has its sides orientated in the opposite directions to the main gable.

Combine the wood and masonry or stone siding features with the roof shape and you have some hints for choosing the best roofing material for your Tudor home.

Best Roofing: Wood Shakes

Wooden shakes would work well as a roofing material since the wood would compliment the beams on your siding. Shakes that come from cedar wood and the style has a thicker, rustic cut than smoothly pressed shingles. The texture and dimension of shakes can add more visual interest to your Tudor's large roof and bring out the cottage feel of the style.

You can order shakes stained in a variety of natural hues with both warm and cool undertones. Choose a shade that either exactly matches or pleasingly compliments the color of the wood beams for the best overall look.

Best Roofing: Slate Tiles

Do you want to bring more focus to the lower part of your siding that has either brick or masonry? Both building materials pair up well with slate tiles, which are a durable stone that can be installed in a brick-like pattern to match up with masonry.

Slate tiles require little maintenance and will add elegance to your Tudor and bring out the more castle-like aspects of the design. You will need to have a higher roofing budget since slate is expensive – especially if you have a cross-gable roof that also needs to be covered with roofing materials. For more information, contact companies like Affordable Roof Care.