3 Ways That A Copper Roof Can Help You Be More Environmentally Friendly

17 October 2016
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It is becoming increasingly important for many people to be as environmentally friendly, so it is no surprise that a part of that is making your house as environmentally friendly as possible as well. Listed below are three ways that a copper roof can help you and your home be more environmentally friendly.

Cuts Down On Energy Use

One of the biggest ways that copper can make your home more environmentally friendly is because the copper itself will reflect sunlight away from the house. As a result, when you have a copper roof, sunlight will not be absorbed by the roof and seep down into your house and increase the temperature of the home.

This will lead to the cooled air in your home lasting much longer and keep you from having to use your air conditioner as often. Not only will this keep your from wasting a lot of energy, but it will also result in you saving quite a bit of money on your cooling bills throughout the summer.

Allows You To Use Recycled Materials

Another reason to go with a copper roof in order to be more environmentally friendly is that copper is frequently recycled, which means that you can build your roof entirely out of recycled materials. By choosing to go with a recycled copper roof, you will be able to help lower the demand for new copper to be mined, which is very beneficial for the environment. In addition, the very fact that copper is recycled so frequently means that, if you should ever decide to replace your roof, you can rest assured that the copper will not simply be dropped off in a garbage dump to take up space.

Lasts A Lifetime

Finally, a copper roof is a fantastic choice for an environmentally friendly home because it will last a lifetime. Typically, a copper roof will last up to 100 years, which is a massive advantage when you consider that many other roofing materials only have a lifespan that is fraction of copper's life expectancy. In the amount of time that your copper would last, you would end up going through multiple roof installations if you went with some of the alternatives, which is a lot of material that will end up rotting and taking up space in landfills.

Contact a residential roofing contractor today in order to discuss the various reasons to use copper for your roof if you are looking for an environmentally friendly roofing option. A copper roof is ideal for people wanting an environmentally friendly home because it cuts down on energy use, allows you to use recycled materials, and lasts a lifetime.