Three Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing over Clay Tile

12 October 2016
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If you're debating between different types of eco-friendly roofing types and want to make a final decision that will both suit your budget and resolve the issues of wasted energy and so on that asphalt roofs tend to create, metal roofing and tile roofing are two great options. But metal roofing can be even better for the planet than tile roofing in some ways, making it a better investment. Of course both options have pros and cons, but here are three ways in which metal roofing is the superior choice.

1. It's more reflective

Metal roofs can be blindingly reflective. Although clay tiles can be naturally reflective as well, it's hard to beat the amount of reflection you get from a shiny, mirror-like metal surface. Of course, both materials can be coated or glazed to make them more reflective, but that's an additional step that would cost more money. And the more reflective your roof surface is, the less heat it absorbs, meaning your AC doesn't have to work as hard and your house will stay cooler naturally with less greenhouse gas production.

2. It's generally made with recycled content

Metal roofing is conventionally produced with at least some recycled metal in it (the standard is around 25%), and you can opt for suppliers that use even more recycled material. In addition, metal roofing material is totally recyclable, meaning that you can send it back in to be turned into new metal roofs when you're done with it, reducing the demand for new metal content from non-renewable resources. Clay tiles can be reused or recycled, but it's more difficult to locate and obtain tile that has recycled content in it. 

3. It's less fragile and can last even longer

Although you may hear that clay tiles can last up to a century, some metal roofing can last even longer. The type of metal roofing that can last over a century, steel, is the second-highest quality; the highest-quality type, copper, can actually last for multiple centuries, as evidenced by the oldest roof in America, which is older than the nation itself (having been constructed before the American Revolution). And metal roofing is less vulnerable to violent damage as well; walking on it won't break it, unlike a tile roof.

These three points highlight some of the differences between tile roofing and metal roofing that may lead you to choose metal roofing for your home. Of course, every situation is different, and metal may not be right for every situation, but it's still one of the best roofing materials out there.