Beyond Energy Efficiency: Other Essential Factors Determining Choice Of Roof Color

11 October 2016
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If you want to replace your roof, you will likely be advised to go with black or white colors (depending on your location) to save on energy costs. However, is energy efficiency the only consideration when choosing a roof color? The answer is a definite "no." Here are other equally important issues to consider:

Neighborhood Considerations

Do you know that your neighbors may have a say on your choice of roof color? This is likely to be the case if you belong to an organization that represents homeowners in your area, such as homeowner's associations (HOAs). Many HOAs maintain tight rules to encourage uniformity across the neighborhoods they represent, which also works to keep up property prices. Therefore, talk to your association before choosing your roof color. Don't wait and find out the hard way like a San Antonio homeowner who was forced to replace her roof a second time since she didn't talk to her HOA about the color first.

The House's Exterior Color

Your roof's color also plays a role in the overall look (appeal) of your house. Therefore, you need to choose a color that works well with what you already have in terms of exterior color and architectural style of the house. Different roof colors will have different effects on your house. In most cases, your roof's color will work well for your house as long it doesn't contrast sharply with the exterior's color. Unless you want a roofing color that "shouts," the siding's color should be dominant over the roof's color.   

Resale Value

Unless you plan on living in that house forever, you should also consider your potential buyers somewhere down the line. It's wise to go with a color that appeals to many people since you don't know who will be buying the house. For example, many people consider lime green colors as sickly and will not be attracted to it. A discerning buyer may also be interested in the effect of your roof's color on the house's energy efficiency. Brief research, which should include consultations with your roofing contractor, will help you choose a desirable color.

Considering all these issues, it makes sense that the choice of a roof color should never be a spur of the moment decision. This is something you should start researching long before the replacement date for your roof. Talk to a roofing contractor today, such as those found at Select Exteriors, for more advice on selecting roof colors.