Venting Your Bathroom: Three Things You Need To Know

6 October 2016
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Bathrooms in older homes frequently don't have an exhaust fan. The building code didn't require them. In fact, in some areas of the country, they still aren't required. You're just supposed to open a window or two, and create a cross-breeze. This isn't a very practical or economical idea, however, especially during the winter or when there is a stagnant heatwave outside. A properly placed bathroom fan can be useful for not only the bathroom, but the entire home. Here are three things to consider about vents in your next bathroom remodel with a company like A1 Complete Remodeling.

Why Is A Bathroom Vent Needed?

Bathrooms can get very stinky! The old-fashioned method of just opening a window doesn't always quickly dissipate the malodorous air, and depending on which way the wind is blowing, opening two windows to create a cross-breeze can pull the stench throughout the house. Tuning on the bathroom vent while taking care of business immediately sucks the foul-smelling air away. It can also provide a bit more privacy by the white noise it creates, which is especially important for bathrooms located by the main living area.

A bathroom vent also serves to remove humid air from the room. Everyone knows that taking a shower creates steam and disperses fine water particles into the air. This leaves your bathroom mirror foggy and makes the air in the room thick and moist.

What Are The Potential Long-Term Effects Of Not Having A Bathroom Vent?

Bathrooms are typically small rooms. Excess moisture in the bathroom makes it susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Smaller bathrooms and bathrooms that are used by many people to shower each day are especially prone to developing mold and mildew problems.This can reduce air quality and exacerbate conditions, such as asthma or allergies. 

Older homes also tend to lack adequate insulation above the ceiling plaster or drywall. In colder climates, the drywall tends to stay cold, which means it will stay damp longer, creating the ideal environment for mold growth. Improving insulation defects during a bathroom remodel is therefore imperative. If you will also be having your roofing redone during a remodel, an insulated membrane can be installed to reduce this effect and moisture absorption. This is also the perfect opportunity to install a roof vented bathroom exhaust fan rather than just installing a vent on the gable wall.

What Kind Of Bathroom Fan Should You Buy?

Choose a bathroom ventilation fan that meets or exceeds government recommended energy usage. You can also consider installing a combination light and bathroom vent. Your bathroom remodeling service can also give recommendations on what model would work best for your situation.