Three Reasons For Installing Skylights In Your Commercial Roof

6 October 2016
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Commercial roofing service is not all about creating nice flat roofs for stores and commercial buildings. There are actually several other services that these kinds of roofers provide. Skylights in commercial buildings are now a trend and are one example of the different kinds of things commercial roofers do. If you are wavering with the decision to install skylights in your commercial building, here are three reasons to convince you to do so.

1. You Can Use Less Fluorescent Light and Electricity in the Store When You Have Natural Light

Skylights in commercial buildings and stores provide a lot of natural light. Natural light is healthier for people, while fluorescent light has been shown to cause vision and mental health problems. If you want your store or building to be well-lit, but also inviting and healthy for everyone, install several skylights. On cloudy or stormy days you can turn on/up the fluorescent lights, but the rest of the time you can use natural light via skylight for illumination.

2. You Can Spot Changes in Weather That You Might Not Hear or See Otherwise

If you have ever walked into a big box store several minutes before a storm, you probably noticed that you did not see or hear the storm at all as it rumbled outside. The lack of windows and skylights in the store, combined with soundproof construction materials, prevented you from even knowing there was a storm. If you like knowing about sudden changes in weather and/or being able to see coming changes in weather, you can definitely do that with skylights in your commercial roof.

3. You Have Access Points for Security and Rescue Teams in the Event of a Terrorist Attack

Sure, it might sound a little melodramatic as a reason for installing skylights in your building's roof, but it may still be a valid reason. If you find yourself in the middle of a hostage situation, an armed robbery, or other type of domestic terrorist attack, you want to give the police, SWAT teams, and other emergency teams a clear shot at the persons responsible. If you do not have windows around the front and sides of the building, the only clear view in and the only shot these people have at the terrorists are the skylights. They can watch and see what the terrorists or thugs are doing and take action through the skylights if/when needed.