Correcting Three Common Roofing Misconceptions

4 October 2016
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The roof can be one of the parts of your home that is most prone to suffering damage and being a source of energy inefficiency. Sadly, it can be a common problem for homeowners to be fairly uninformed when it comes to the roof of their house. To make it easier for you when it comes to caring for your home, you might need to have a few routinely believed roofing myths refuted.

Myth: It Is Not Important To Keep The Roof Cool

There are many new homeowners that may not fully appreciate the benefits of keeping their roofs a comfortable temperature. However, if you allow the roof to become extremely hot, it can cause the temperature in your home to increase. Extreme temperatures can also contribute to your shingles or tiles suffering more severe wear and tear.

To help keep the roof cool, you should consider painting it a light color or applying a reflective sealant to it. By minimizing the amount of sunlight that is absorbed by the roof, you will be better able to help it stay cool during the hot times of the year.

Myth: Cleaning The Roof Is Unnecessary

Regularly having your roof pressure washed can be an excellent way of helping to extend its life. This is due to the fact that debris will gradually collect on the roof. These materials can retain moisture, which will contribute to rot forming. Homes with ceramic or stone tile may find that these tiles are more prone to developing damaging cracks. Luckily, cleaning your roof is not a challenging or difficult task as this can be done with a pressure washer. hen using a pressure washer on the roof, you will want to make sure that you use it on the lowest setting. Otherwise, the powerful jet of water may be sufficient to dislodge your roof's shingles and tiles.

Myth: The Entire Roof Will Have To Be Replaced If It Suffers Damages  

Some homeowners will make the inaccurate assumption that their entire roof will have to be replaced if it suffers damages. However, this is not always the case as contractors may be able to simply replace the damaged portion of the roof and apply new shingles or tiles over the rest of the roof. Sadly, there are many homeowners that will wait too long to have these damages repaired, which can allow the issue to worsen so that this is no longer as option. For this reason, you should contact an experienced roofing contractor (like Columbia Roofing Inc) as soon as possible.