Four Things That You Can Do To Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Roof

3 October 2016
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A longer lifespan for your commercial roof means a better bottom line over the long term for your company. There are some upgrades you can invest in and some maintenance tasks you can perform that will go a long way in extending the life of the roofs on your facilities.

The following are four things that you can do at your company to minimize replacement and repair costs on commercial roofing:

Have a roof coating applied

Having a coating applied on a commercial roof is a great way to give the roof a layer of protection. Coatings typically will increase the durability of commercial roofs and provide an added seal against possible leaks.

Coatings aren't only great because they make commercial roofs stronger. They're also helpful to a company because they can improve the energy efficiency of a building and help to reduce utility costs.

Invest in edge metal securement

Edge metal securement means installing a band of metal around the edge of a roof that will prevent moisture from penetrating the roof membrane. This metal is typically installed where the buildings roof and fascia meet. Edge metal securement not only protects a commercial roof against moisture, but also protects against damage from wind.

Get rid of standing water after rain

Commercial roofs are often constructed of metal and are flat. This leaves them susceptible to both standing water and corrosion. Pooling water doesn't just create corrosion risks, but also makes it more likely that water will begin to leak through openings around hardware pieces.

By inspecting your commercial roof after a rain, you can see where water pools. Then, you can either fortify areas of your roof where water tends to pool or remove water from your roof after it rains.

Make sure your roof is properly ventilated

Ventilation impacts how air flows around and through your roof. Improper ventilation can lead to moisture control issues and make it more difficult to regulate the interior climate of your facilities.

Commercial building owners should note that ventilation is particularly important on buildings with steep slopes. They should also be aware of the fact that ventilating a commercial building is usually a lot different from ventilating a residential building. This is because commercial buildings are typically much larger than residences.

To ventilate a commercial building, it's typically necessary to calculate the net free area (NFA) of the roof, meaning the area of vent openings in the roof. This NFA calculation needs to be evaluated in relation to the dimensions of the building. If the NFA of your building is insufficient, new vents can be installed to remedy the situation. For assistance, talk to a professional like Empire Roofing.