Avoid Roof Damage By Following These 3 Simple Steps

15 January 2016
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A damaged roof can lead to a sizable repair or replacement bill when rainwater begins to seep through the roof, into your attic and beyond. The old sports adage of "The best defense is a good offense" certainly rings true for taking care of your roof. Simply put, being proactive about avoiding damage to your roof is a far better strategy than having to deal with the need for a roof replacement due to damage. While you can't control the forces of nature and how they impact your roof, you can decrease your likelihood of running into a roof-related issue by taking these three steps.

Eradicate Moss Growth

Keeping an eye on your roof by standing across the street helps you catch problems before they become serious. If you notice that your roof has a greenish tinge, it's developed some moss growth that needs to be controlled. Moss will keep the area moist, which can lead to rot as the moisture seeps between the shingles and to the plywood below. You can fix the issue by arranging for a roofing service to visit your home. The employee will spray your roof with a chemical compound that will remove the moss and inhibit future growth.

Trim Back Nearby Branches

Branches from nearby trees that are touching your roof are problematic as they can put pressure on the roof's shingles and eventually loosen them. While these branches should always be trimmed back, it's also important to keep an eye on branches that are hanging over your roof. Step outside during a windstorm and notice if the swaying branches are coming into contact with the shingles. If they are, these branches will need to be trimmed, too. Keeping the trees around your home tidily trimmed will reduce the risk of branches causing problems.

Replace Any Blocked Vents

The vents in your attic are integral to allowing heat to escape during the hot months of summer. As the sun beams down onto your home, it can cause the attic's temperature to rise. The vents will allow this heat to escape, but if they've become blocked due to leaves or, more commonly, bird's nests, the heat will increase to the point at which it can damage your roof's sheathing by warping it. As soon as the wood begins to warp, it can damage the shingles so that they're no longer providing an optimal weather barrier for your roof and the rain can begin to cause a significant amount of damage. It's best to hire a roofing contractor like Earhart Roofing Company Inc to fix or replace any blocked vents, as working on your own roof can be dangerous. Although it's never a happy feeling to know that bird nests are being discarded, this step is important for the health of your roof.